Poetry in Purgatory
Poetry in Purgatory

Poetry in Purgatory

Jun 30, 2023
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The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Isobel Salvie seems to have everything; youth, beauty, wealth... unfortunately, none of that matters much when you're dead, poisoned by an unknown person for equally unknown reasons. Arriving in Heaven, Isobel is greeted by God herself. All seems well, because as it turns out, Paradise is wonderful.
However, the pleasures of the afterlife don't come for free...
Poetry in Purgatory is a unique, ever-evolving story about what it means to live, love and make peace with things you can't run away from... even when you may desperately want to.
Experience the prologue, full first act and the entire Bliss Alwes character route in version 0.1 of the game. And then be sure to check back regularly as the game receives frequent updates, adding new routes, story content and more for free!
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Current Features

  • Enter a truly memorable story currently consisting of 56k+ words, with a morality system that determines key traits of the main character, Isobel.
  • Explore the interactive world of Purgatory through a day-night cycle with four segments per day... lots of stuff to click on (or not, if you don't want to).
  • Play your way! Commit fully to the story or partake in as many character routes as you desire, and watch as their outcomes change the main narrative in meaningful ways.
  • Twist your mind as you uncover a myriad of plot threads, all carried by an afterlife setting as rich in lore as it is in pure, unadulterated fun.
  • Marvel at sprites, backgrounds, special scenes and inventory items all drawn in a beautiful and unique style.
  • Unlock 50+ hidden items, including database entries and gallery images.
  • Bop your head to a dynamic soundtrack composed by popular YouTube artist Endigo.

Planned Features

  • Fleshed out world: Purgatory grows each day! Frequent, smaller updates will bring new interactions, side quests and artwork to existing characters and their routes.
  • Major story updates: Expect 3 full story acts loaded with twists and turns, as well as a monumental epilogue where your choices will be put to the ultimate test.
  • Major route updates: Bliss Alwes's route will be joined by 7 others for a grand total of 8 characters that you may romance... or choose to stay friends with. Romancing several characters at once is also a possibility!
  • Godly missions: Undertake optional content that will reward you with special scenes which are otherwise unattainable.
  • Achievements: Show off your Purgatorian efforts to your fellow Dwellers and Denizens. Coming very soon (and more will be added over time)!
  • Community input: We are dedicated to making the game as special as it can possibly be. If you're interested in joining our journey, then feel free to check out our Discord or Patreon!